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Here's Molly Brown, one of the ranch's stock dogs, catching a ride on the back of a horse.
Team Roping
Team roping a popular ranch event in our area for cowboys. Wade roping with Bad Cat (the gray) and notice the heeler (his partner) is roping off a mule.
Evan hold'n the lines!
We start'em young here at the ranch. Even the littlest cowboy can help out by holding the lines to the team when grandpa gets off to open a gate.
Bad Cat
Wade's roping horse, resting during break time, been working cows all morning!
Photographic Sites!
A lone rider stops to let her horse drink from the river before crossing. Just one of many photographic sites in our area.
Will & Zeke
Heeler dogs are a common site here at the ranch. Always waiting to go on a hayride and beg for handouts from guest.
Range Boss
Yep! That's me! Now and then I do get away for a trail ride,that is when I'm not busy shoeing horses, baling hay, or running off to a draft horse sale. The day this photo was taken I just happened to be riding a true bonafided born and bred Missouri mule.

Spring calving makes you forget a hard winter.