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Jobs for all seasons...spring, summer, winter, and fall. From hauling manure , making hay , hauling firewood , to feeding hay , plus the other jobs that crop up during the year. The draft horse is still useful on farms and ranches today.

Hauling Square Bales!
Reba and Rachael, along with the hay crew, bringing in a load of hay that will be stored and fed next winter.
Raking Hay!
Raking hay with both teams in the summer. The hay must be raked into windrows before the baler starts its job of making bales.
Feeding Round Bales!
Photo of a young team feeding in the winter. This round bale mover was designed for hauling and unrolling large round hay bales with a team.
Hauling Manure!
Just finished spreading a load of manure with a team.
Wait'n For Another Load!
Jerry and his team waiting for another load of square bales to pick up.
The chuckwagon pulled by a four-hitch of Percherons. Racheal and Reba the lead team with Raven and Ruby the wheel team.
Sleigh Riding Years Back!
This photo was taken years back when the neighborhood got together for a Sunday afternoon sleigh riding party.

"Its a slow team that can't stay ahead of the wagon when going down hill."